Glamorise sports bra gives a comfort, soft, and perfect shape to your breast. It can be used in gyms, yoga class, dance, jogging and outdoor activities. It gives definition to your breast.  It is adjustable according to your body movements. It can also be used for daily purpose. It is wireless and keeps you cool. It is wireless which gives the great positivity to wear the glamorise sports bra.


Adjustable straps in glamorise sports bra with superior support provides a comfort and a How to find a perfect size for your bodycurvy look. It removes the moisture from your skin which is definitely a big bye to rashes due to sweating. It is made of a good quality material which has properly designed for smooth breathing. Some bras cause breathlessness. It contains polyester, nylon, and elastane. The straps are not slippery and limit the breast movements.


Wireless with soft bottom band gives a pointy look even for the larger breast size. It reduces bounciness and eliminates riding up at the back. It is washable and should never use the sports bra more than one year. It has back closure with straps. It is majorly used by horse riders, joggers, players, etc. Glamorise sports bra gives an elegant look while dancing.

How to find a perfect size for your body?

Seek the experts in selecting the perfect size of your body. Take measurements before walking into the stores. It is quite embarrassing to ask for your sizes in front of the sellers. Perfect sizes for your measurements in glamorise sports bra is available. It doesn’t flatten your chest and give an odd feeling.

Check with your buddies:

Check with your buddiesAsk your buddies about their results of using a sports bra. Make an outlook from them and then go for your purchases. Online retail stores are more prevalent in shopping lingers and bras. Don’t blindly set your sizes in buying a sports bra. Just walk into the stores or go to the experts and confirm your sizes with them. Grab the glamorise sports bra now and enjoy its benefits.

How to use?

It is adaptable to all seasons. Sports bra must be used before a period of 12 months. After using it for 2 or 3 days, you can wash it in a machine. It is seamless and adjustable which gives perfect shape to your body. Some woman does not use sports bra or common bra during exercise and yoga. Avoid those things and place an order now. Glamorise sports bra not only benefits every woman with comfort but changed the culture of wearing bras.

Cost effective:

Spending on sports bra is too expensive but to have a risk free life, it is mandatory. Never tighten your breast with wrong size and it might lead to cancer. Give some space for the breast to breathe.  The breast has no supportive bones and it has ligaments and connective tissues. Without bras might have a saggy breast and losing its elasticity which tears the ligaments inside the breast. Check before using any glamorise sports bra whether it is comfortable to wear it or not.